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Stories of Cloth


The Artists - Lesley Sutton

Photo of Lesley Sutton

Lesley Sutton

Artists Statement


Exploring our lives through creative expression allows us to discover that sometimes the occasions that cause us pain can be the very things that bring about a deeper beauty in our lives.

Thus began the journey for this project two years ago, when I gathered together groups of women from very different cultural backgrounds to make creative opportunities for collective reflection on past memories associated with the ritual events of birth, marriage and death, through the sensory medium of cloth. Inherent in human nature is the desire to compare, learn & share experience; we long to know how others live, what they believe and how they view and understand us. Through the mutual exchange of stories of cloth and its intimate, tactile relationship with our bodies, we can discover similarities that cross both time and cultural boundaries, whilst weighted with social and personal histories. By documenting and responding to this collective experience I am trying to create works that reference those lost moments and precious hidden memories.

Working with photographer Paula Keenan to observe and document these stories, this exhibition was originally held at the Waterside Arts Centre, Manchester in Spring 2007, and I am now delighted that we can explore this project further online, and hopefully take this show to other museums and galleries.

Artist Overview

  • Based in Manchester, received a First Class Honors Degree in Visual Arts and Culture, from the University of Salford.
  • Embraces an approach to creativity whereby aesthetic activity involves the whole person; combining memories, creative skills and spiritual values to produce reflective works.



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