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Stories of Cloth


Online Exhibit - Death


Death is a human condition, something that we universally share; every culture has its own unique rituals surrounding death that help us cope with the feelings of hopelessness and grief we all experience when someone we love dies; it is part of the healing process for us to partake in these rituals and to take the necessary time to grieve properly.

  1. An Asian death shroud - ‘When one dies, he or she is religiously bathed by family members and then wrapped in white unstitched material. Some people wash this fabric in Holy water, (Abe Zam) ready for when they die.’
  2. Chinese Buddhist Shrine Room - Prayers, chanting and rituals offered by the monks help to smooth the passage of the deceased’s soul into heaven. After cremation the ashes are placed in gold boxes in the shrine room in the temple. Family visits the room regularly to remember their loved one.
  3. A Jewish experience - ‘This dress belonged to my mother. She wore them while hiding from the Nazis in Lemberg, now Lvov, Poland in 1943-1944’.
  4. View of the Death installation at the Waterside Arts Centre.


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