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Stories of Cloth


Online Exhibit - Installations


We were able to bring together creative responses to the stories shared during the project, from the women involved and visitors to the exhibition:

  1. Red Thread - All the individual stories shared during the project came together as a collective work in this installation, linked together by a ‘red thread’, a recurrent theme from various cultural stories. In Kosovo a father ties a red cord around his daughter’s waist as she leaves her natal home. Both Chinese and Jews share an old tradition of tying a small red-coloured string near the bed of a baby in the belief that no ill harm should befall the child. Similarly wearing a thin red string is a custom associated with Judaism’s Kabbalah in order to ward off the misfortune brought about by an evil eye. The colour red is also widely used in Asian cultures as it is considered to bring good luck and keep away evil spirits.
  2. In Loving Memory - A collective art piece showing a Buddhist burial cloth. Visitors were invited to contribute, by writing a memory of someone they had lost and attaching it to the cloth with the red thread provided.
  3. In Memory of Daisy - Stillborn on 26th June 1999, this little paper christening gown is embellished with family memories and messages as part of the healing process for her family.
  4. Table Talk - An installation that depicts a banquet that tells stories common to all cultures and yet culture specific. Each place setting tells the personal story of one of the project's participants by printing sections of oral histories and portraits onto the place settings and seat cushions, thereby incorporating a shared sense of history.

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